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August 16, 2008


Friday, April 04, 2008

Buddy “Fat Bastard” the Beagle Fired From Domino’s Pizza

AUSTINApril 4, 2008 -- Two Tail and Eight Paw Productions, Inc. and Austin Girl Blog today announced Austin Girl’s very own Buddy the Beagle a.k.a. “Fat Bastard” was fired for woofing down an Ultimate Deep Dish pizza on the job. “Hey, it was the fourteen-inch -- all meat,” barked Buddy.

The seventy-three-pound Beagle suggested discrimination played a vital role in his firing. “Domino’s executives own
Labradors,” cried Buddy.

Buddy claimed he has been both a loyal customer and delivery dog improving the pizza chain’s image for three days.

“To borrow a quote from my hero, Lester in the Oscar-winning movie American Beauty, ‘I’m looking for a job with the least amount of responsibility,’” snapped Buddy in retaliation.

Domino’s executives would not comment on the issues surrounding Buddy’s sudden departure. “Whimps! Pizza whores! I have a new job as a refrigerator repair dog starting Monday,” yelped Buddy the Beagle.

Two Tail and Eight Paw Productions, Inc. is a screenwriting company with interests in exploiting Buddy “Fat Bastard” the Beagle in every media facet possible. For more information, please visit Austin Girl Blog at http://www.austingirlblog.blogspot.com.
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