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Published February 16, 2010
I am sorry that you all have been dealing with this fucking idiot 911 for the past week or so. I have not been posting comments on fOD because of this douche. He needs to go and when the powers that be get off  their collective arses he will be gone. I am just logging on today. I have been celebrating Mardi Gras with the locals and didn't realize how bad it was...RESULTSRECEIVING VOTES:Jean Guy from Quebec Canada..Oh poo poo, dere is muck on my pager which is clipped on my Speedo! Jeffer Soooo no black jokes, right? And it's still too early to mention Haiti? That's what I thought. Sorry about that. Have a good day.JBnthe217I love games where you can defecate yourself and nobody will noticebigjas SHOW:OH MY GOD! IT'S JUST LIKE SWINE-ELEVEN!!!! ;)FissureFilms PLACE:Nine months later, three children were born who went on to drive cement mixers.keibar WIN:This picture saddens me and here's the reasons why.Bottom left: man orgyTop left center: Ball cuppingCenter: Face to Ass pyrimadTop Center: One big pair of boobs...UNexposed. captainshena...  Great observation!