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Published: September 27, 2008
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Juss got bak frum wurk, got DRUNK ASS HEll!! Hear mah pix!!!11!

Dah SHiT-stayns over teh KiTTY cats!
Johnny Depps over the Cheesers
Black Cats voer Michael Vick's guys
Hey this girl's got noce tits! What's that say? Vikings? ok, they win over the Tennessee team.
the Jack-offs over George Bush's guys
Horsies over the guys with the funny headdresses
NINERS!! WOOOO!! SUPER BOWL!! kick some Saint ass!
Red birds spank the jets
Batteries over lamer pirates
I miss my grandpaaernts. They win over Rams. Thet live in Buffalo.
indians beat Brokeback Mountaineers.
Beers beet Eagles
Steelers beat up Baltimoor.


I'm goona rest now.


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