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February 14, 2012

The True story of a pair of heroes and their adventures.

    With a flash of light he's there in an instant and with a deafening clap his trusty side kick appears at his side. Who are these masked vigilantes that fight for the safety and peace of all humanity? Why, there's no need to wonder my good people! It's just White Lightning and Black Thunder! The greatest hero of our time and his trusty side kid who, with their combined might can harness the power of earths most fearsome creation, thunder storms! And so our hero's days begin inside their secret base inside the Bank of America building, 4th floor, room 420.
   "Thunder! how be you today?"
   "Oh Lightning you should have got here earlier! There's a McDonalds being robbed two hours ago!"
   "Then why are we waiting around Thunder?!?!? We can't let that happen, we're the saviors of this city and it's our job to uphold justice and peace. Quick where's Ronald?"
   "Ronald McDonald? Lightning i dont know if thats a real person. at any rate we should be going now"
   "Ah Thunder we'll leave in a minute, hand me the tray first."

   Thirty minutes later Lightning and Thunder have been unsuccessful in their search for the fabled car keys and realizing that the McDonalds is only a ten minute walk/ five minute jog our heroes have decided to trek out into the city with out their car.
  "Look Lightning there it is! We made it! there's the McDonalds but it doesn't look like they're being robbed"
  "What?? he he oh Thunder my greatest of friends was there every a real robbery? lets go in and check it out any way."
  Thunder and Lightning zig-zag around the cars in the drive thru and into the McDonalds. as they burst thru the doors of the establishment every one turns to stare at these two grown men in spandex and mask and eyes as red as firetruck.
   "Don't worry people of the resturant! Me and my trusty companion Thunder are here to save you from this cruel act of robbery!"
   From behind the counter the cashier who has been starring since they walked in decides to speak, "Umm what are you talking about? we haven't had a robbery in like three months."
   "Thunder i thought you said these people were being robbed?" Lighting whispers to Thunder.
   "Well i thought they were but now that you mention it there are like twelve McDonalds in the area. It's possible it was a different store."
   "Well we might as well not waste our time here. umm ill take a number three and a large fry. Thunder?"