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Published June 08, 2013
How long have you been collecting hemp? Is your life just Coachella with less important stuff in-between? If it seems like band names are getting closer and closer to the drinks that you're ordering for that girl at the bar who isn't interested in you, it's because they are. Test your knowledge to see if you can differentiate.  JAM BAND OR BEER?? 1) Zombie Dust                     6) Hot Buttered Rum          11) The Abyss 2) Blind Melon                       7) Lotus                             12) Raspberry Tart 3 ) Liquid Soul                       8) Cantillon Iris                   13) New Monsoon 4) Mother of All Storms         9) Fat Freddy's Drop          14) Vida Blue 5) Samuel Adams Utopias    10) God Street Wine           15) Twilight of the Idols ANSWERS:  1) Beer: Brewed in Indiana; year-round 2) Jam Band: Formed in Los Angeles; Has probably never sold out a show 3) Jam Band: Jazz/Hip-Hop/Funk 4) Beer: Brewed in Oregon 5) Beer: Craft Beer; Boston 6) Jam Band: Formed in San Francisco; Folk/Rock 7) Jam Band: Formed in Indiana 8) Beer: Brewed in Belgium; Amber 9) Jam Band: New Zealand based; Is being unpopular a music genre?  10) Jam Band: Based out of New York City; Dave Matthews has opened for them. I am so sorry, Dave. 11) Beer: Based out of Houston; Also a movie 12) Beer: Good ole Wisconsin beer 13) Jam Band: Formed in San Francisco by two classmates  14) Jam Band: Not Jews 15) Beer: The only Twilight that Kristen Stewart hasn't ruined  SO, HOW DID YOU DO? 0/15= You clicked on this link accidentally.  5/15= Do you even know what Coachella is? 10/15= You recycle regularly and enjoy drinking V8 Splash. 15/15= You might be a vegan now.