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October 31, 2014

Laughing at what's happening.


The ‘buck Stops Everywhere:
Starbucks has announced it will offer a coffee delivery service via its mobile app in select areas soon. Simply place your order and in no time, your coffee will be delivered to an address that sounds phonetically similar to yours but isn’t even close.

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Katt Burglars:
Rap mogul Suge Knight and comedian Katt Williams were arrested for allegedly stealing a photographer’s camera last month. “No wait, I was wrong, it wasn’t them,” the photographer said in a statement while being dangled over a skyscraper balcony.


Burkina Uh-Oh!:
The head of Burkina Faso’s army has taken control after the President stepped down in response to mass protests against his attempt to extend his 27-year rule of the West African country. Great news, because if there’s one thing that means more freedom, it’s the words “the army has taken control.”


Just Plane Wrong:
A piece of airplane wreckage initially believed to possibly be a part of Amelia Earhart’s lost plane was revealed to actually belong to a different plane. This is exciting news for those who still hold out hope of finding Earhart alive.


S & P BOO:
The S&P 500 made a big jump up today, giving investors a real fun Halloween “treat.” Investors also revealed the fun Halloween “trick” this year is the entire global economic system.