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October 31, 2008


So, my true abilities as a dart team captain returned last night... in our ever-so-exciting 13-6 loss. To a team we should have creamed harder that Del Monte does to corn.

I tried one time too many to roll the dice with the lineup that won us two straight... and our 301 games were the unfortunate victims.

We hung tough in the cricket matches, but those are only worth 1 point, and I was the only person to win a 301, which are worth 2.

The piss poor match ups I arranged helped put the whole team in a crap-tastic mood, despite my best efforts to keep our spirits high. Go Captain Kenny, Go!

But, hell with it... no sense beating myself up over it... I have Karaoke night tomorrow for that :-)

You see, my friend Steve (no, not the newly moved-to-South-Carolina one... that's Steve O., see, with an "O."...) is the Karaoke host... and today is his big 50th birthday, so tommorrow is going to be a big party. Costume contest... Karaoke... confetti cannons... the whole 8.9999999 yards.

So, lord knows, he'll feel free to mock me with an old nick-name of mine: "Mr. G-Spot."

(Yes ladies... that's my nick-name for karaoke night.... another title I live up as well as I live up to "Handsome", "Wealthy", "Humorous", "Pleasant Smelling" and so on and so forth...)

So, if anyone is going to be in the Metro Detroit area Saturday night, feel free to swing by good old Buck's Place. It'll be a "hoot", as well as a "holler"... It may even evole into a full blown "shin-dig"...

Ok... gotta go soak my brain in hot-coffee now...

- Kenny G.