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July 04, 2010


With ultimate rise in industrialization Mother Earth seems to seep in a lot of chemicals than essential organic matter. Human health is at rising risks of dangers from these chemicals that enter their living space via wells or the earth under their homes. Most often, a strong cloud of gas builds up in places like the kitchen or the basement. Inadequate ventilation in these places may lead to the feeling of stuffiness and gradually uneasiness in the respiration process.

We cannot afford to lose the family health at any cost. Home is one place where we spend most of our calm nights and refresh ourselves for the chores of the following day. If this very place gets polluted due to external factors gaining the slightest of entry into the crevices of the house it becomes difficult to expect a long life. These gases may also have their source in combustion appliances in the kitchen or the living room that are used either for cooking or for warmth.

The indoor air quality can be effectively controlled by providing mechanical ventilation or provisions be made while remodeling your real estate such that the sources of pollution are controlled. A third methodology might encompass air cleaning that can be done with the help of professionals at regular intervals.

There are certain gases that you may not be able to detect with your senses but they do still exist and cause adverse effects to your lungs for instance, radon and lead. While lead based paint were used in homes that were built prior to 1978 and the exposure to the same might have been substantially reduced with certain laws to renovate homes that have lead based paints, radon emission still persists and needs immediate quality control. Other than this, home improvement for air quality control can also be undertaken for high moisture levels and asbestos concentrations. Also, there are certain volatile components that contaminate the indoor air of your homes which can be effectively controlled with timely action taken against it.