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October 02, 2012

Some random misinformation about James Earl Carter, President number 39.


It’s NOT a fact! Jimmy Carter.


The following information is completely and totally false. Which I guess technically makes it MIS-information. Enjoy.
The former President’s favorite snack is a twinkie covered in melted cheese.

When not being watched, Carter likes to walk everywhere in a zigzag pattern.

Since childhood, Carter has been allergic to alcohol, tropical plants, bee venom, bell peppers and midgets.

As a Georgia state senator, Carter once sponsored legislation declaring the 1958 Plymouth Fury to be “A Really Boss Ride.”

The future president went into politics only after being turned down by both the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Bolshoi ballet.

Due to radiation exposure he experienced during his years in the Navy’s Nuclear Submarine program, All of Jimmy and wife Rosalynn’s children were born with a second nose on the back of the head. The condition was corrected with surgery on all of them, but to this day physicians refer to such a mutation as a “Jimmynose.”

Jimmy Carter was the inspiration for the “Cartman” character on the animated TV show South Park.

Jimmy Carter’s peanut farm in Georgia was actually a front for a multinational parakeet-smuggling cartel.

President Carter slashed three billion dollars of government spending in 1977 and 1978 and spent it all on a (successful) time-machine project.

In 1979, President Carter ordered four secret service agents to break both of comedian Rip Taylor’s legs. His reasons are unknown.