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June 18, 2011

A preschool student analyzes his painting for his preschool teacher.

Kevin, a preschool student at "Rainbows Are Full of Color and I Definitely Don't Eat Kittens for Breakfast" Preschool Center is asked by his teacher, Miss Prudeface to describe the drawing he made of his parents with crayons in class, as illustrated in the following dialogue:

Miss Prudeface: "Hi little Kevin Bear! Would you be a sweetheart and tell Miss Prudeface what you drew in this beautiful crayola picture? Goochie Goo Kevin!! Tell me who these pretty people are in the dress and the pants here Kevin!! Aww You're so adorable with your little drawing Kevin!"

Kevin: ?"Gladly, Miss Prudeface. You see, the demure finality each corporal delineation projects, as if an effortless venture it were to desist the haggard imbroglio of such an indecorous and nugatory existence we humans cling to, is that which, while inveigling the weak of mind to a state of complacency, offers nothing but mere peremptory schadenfreude to the truly introspective soul."

Miss Prudeface: "Wow, kevin, thanks for one-upping me there you little shitbird."