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June 23, 2010


Some-time musician, part-time Comedian, night-time social-media centrefold but full-time toilet paper investor, Bill Zucker is rumored to appear in the second season of the enormously succesful TV musical series, Fox's "Glee" when it returns from hiatus.

(Warning Spoiler Alert) Zucker is expected to star in a recurring role as the computer teacher love-interest of venomous cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, and finds himself caught between a deep desire to be with Sue - an old high school sweetheart with whom he shared a first kiss, and his loyalty to the students and blossoming friendship with the glee club coach Will Schuester, who incidentally just happens to be a sworn enemy of Sue.

It is not yet known whether any of Zucker's hits such as the revolutionary and finance-sector bashing 'The TARP song", or the more melancholy 'Twitter song', will be used in any of the episodes as yet.

A source close to an ecstatic Zucker said:" He can't believe he might get to be on the show as he thinks that Jane Lynch the actress that plays Sue, has got to be one of the hottest babes around. He was blown away by how talented she is when she puts on the tracksuit and begins to shout orders. On a couple of occasions he laughed so much that he almost ended up wetting himself because she is so funny and sooooo gorgeous!"

Zucker adds to a long list of guest stars scheduled to appear in future episodes that includes Madonna, Lady Ga Ga, President Obama, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, LaToya Jackson, Tom Jones - you name it they are lining up to be in it. One thing for sure is that McKinley High has a vibe that Zucker likes as our source said:

" He thinks the cast are great, they are all so young and talented, and they can really handle the pressure. He said that the guy that plays "Finn' told him to wear shades so that nobody can see his eyes, because it adds to the mystery. Zucker told him that he had been wearing rocking hot shades since the kid was in diapers!"

Zucker who spent some of his own childhood living in a house-boat moored in Miami harbour, had originally chosen a career path to become a professional ventriloguist. Unfortunately, a tonsil infection led to him having to give up his dream and he took up playing the guitar and would often be seen in Miami bars, doing Elvis impersonations.

However it was during the 1980's that Zucker tapped into the entertainment industry. Rumour has it that Don Johnson based his charcter "Sonny Crocket" from NBC's "Miami Vice" on Zucker, who at the time was living on a sailboat called 'Dorothy' with his own pet alligator called 'Tin Man'.

Fast forward to 2010 and Zucker can currently be seen as the side-kick in the "Kelsey Grammer and Bill Zucker Comedy Hour", with Grammer - who became an overnight success when he took the title role in ABC's "The Six Million Dollar Man".

Recently Zucker has courted controversy when he was spotted leaving a hotel with a mystery woman. That led to a media frenzy with hundreds of journalists camping outside his compound. He was unable to leave for almost 24 hours and bizzarely had to have his spiritual advisor "Guru N Day Shamalamambad" flow in by helicopter with supplies of food and booze.

We are sure he is gonna be a big hit on the show and are really looking forward to it but wonder whether there might be a toilet paper shortage on set!. Unforunately the Producers of Glee were not available to make statement as they were negotiating existing contracts...ermmmm...

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