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September 21, 2009


Git-R-Done!! Well I’m just about ready to head out to finish the second half of my tour for 2009. All the dates are right here on the site and I’m looking forward to performing my album Tailgate Party for ya. The CD comes out on September 22nd and I hope you’re able to grab one. This is a really funny CD and I gotta tell ya, I love doing these jokes live. I hope ya like the CD and look for the DVD in January following the broadcast on Comedy Central. It was taped in front of 53,000 fans at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska and what a blast it was. Lately, I’ve just been kickin’ back at the house with the wife and kids and working a few casinos around the country getting ready. I gotta tell ya, I’m all revved up and ready to go!

We recently had a family reunion at my house. I just took my brother, his wife, and 4 kids to the airport this Thursday afternoon. They leave on Sunday!! BADABING! It’s always a treat when the relatives show up. We had a BBQ and ants got into the meat. Aunt Doris and Aunt Rita! You’d think they’d be full after all that butcher paper. I cut the watermelon and had to keep ‘em off with the fire hose. I’m not sayin’ they’re big but they were the only two standing around waiting to lick the grill. The next day my wife was really tired... so instead of cookin’ we were just gonna order some pizzas. But we couldn’t get any delivered cause everybody that delivered pizzas was at our reunion. Here’s a family reunion BBQ tip. Never light farts next to the Charcoal fluid! I will say, the burgers were a little well done that day. Other than that a good time was had by all except my kids... they were disappointed because they thought we’d ordered a clown... but it was just my sister with too much make up on! On another family note, my cousin’s in love with a girl with leprosy. I think they’ll get married. Last night he gave her his heart and a ring and she gave him her right leg and 3 fingers!! (what the #@#@!)

I’m glad football season is here. It’s the best time of the year next to MLB opening day, Christmas, and the Best Damn Hooters Pageant on Fox Sports Net. They actually found Bin Laden last Sunday in the perfect hiding place, he’s playing quarterback for the Bengals!!

OK, enough of the small talk. I hope to see everyone in the next few months and if ya get a chance, check out my brand new CD; Tailgate Party, due out on September 22. It’s packed full of one liners from beginning to end and in my opinion the best I’ve ever done. Thanks for always enjoying what I do; whatever the hell that is. By the way, I just started work on Cars 2 for it’s release in the summer of 2011.  So far this thing is hilarious. As far as what it’s about… I KNOW NOTHING!!! I’ll also keep ya posted on the Christmas special once we get closer to November. Did I mention my CD Tailgate Party on the 22nd? Oh yeah, nevermind. Once again thanks for being fans and in the words of Stevie Wonder, always remember :…:    ..   : ….:::  … :: …:  :: ::..  :  …..  ::…. :..:::  ::  … :.:  ::.. … .. :: . :::!!!