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September 21, 2011

DJ Phat Phil, aka Phil Hoffman, aka Phil the Thrill, the nerdy guy from "Behind the Scenes" is now on Twitter.



In real life, Phil Hoffman is nerdy, awkward, gets kicked around and yelled at alot. 

But online, he is reborn as DJ Phat Phil. A hustler, a hardcore gangsta, a DJ who spins plates hot enough to bake a potato. Elite, exclusive, and exciting,
Phat Phil is harder to get in touch with than Moammar Gaddafi and was once described by a Jamaican guy as being "the sheet". 

 Although it will cost you 500 dollars to meet him, you can FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER. 

Holed up in his DJ booth most hours of the day, Phat Phil has had plenty of time lately  to think up puns about movies and music, his two passions in life. 

Here's a few tweets to get you inspired enough to follow him for his somewhat regular wit. 

Just listened to "Super Bass", "Moment 4 Life", and "Where Dem Girls At" all in a row. It was a Minaj-A-Trois.

Want to write a screenplay in which William Shakespeare teams up with a rogue cop to nab a serial killer. It's called "Prose and Cons".

"Rosebud before ho's, bud." - Citizen Kane

I went to the MC Hammer museum but I couldn't touch anything.

Starting a line of rapper-inspired merchandise...first up... Tupac Salt and Pepper Shakurs.

"Prose before ho's" - Shakespeare

"You had me at cello" - Yo-Yo Ma

Didn't realize Bruno Mars and Eminem had collab'd on a song. The world's whitest black guy and the world's blackest white guy.

If he was born in 1975, adjusting for inflation, my favorite rapper should now be named "2 Dollar 10 Cent" .

Phat Phil's tweets have been described as 


by plenty of girls with slutty Twitter avatars. 

See you at the club.