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May 27, 2009


I believe Women have destroyed the work force.  Now, it isn't a force anymore per se, but more of an "environment" where we have to "appreciate one's feelings" or "meet the needs of others" and put up bullshit pictures in the office with "inspiring phrases" like "Teamwork" or "think win/win."   Fuck that, I say. What happened to the days of old where jobs were cut-throat? Where a man could tell a woman she looks nice and it wouldn't be misunderstood as "sexual harassment" (another woman bullshit phrase) because the ugly chicks never got compliments but were smarter than the dumb hot chicks so they jedi mind fucked them into thinking the were being harassed instead of just plain complimented?  All I know is that the world would be a better place without women in the work force.  Oh, and Fuck Oprah.