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November 03, 2010

Free form Poetry

I want to study your strengths and weaknesses.

By knowing you better I learn so well

To know what’s inside me.


Your eyes, my hair,

Your laughter, my tears.

Your teasing, my fears.


When I get serious I see how much you upset me

You play me like a violin

I dance to your tune.


Looking back, I see

I’ve been going out with guys

Who all remind me of you.


Now that I know this I have to change it.

I don’t want to repeat the same mistake.


I love and hate you.

I can’t let you rule my life anymore.


When I look at you I see myself.

I don’t hug easily or cry a lot

I don’t like sharing nor caring what anyone else thinks.


But then I see where I’m different.

I love flowers and animals

I love colors and music.


I see I'm too much like you.

If you saw yourself the way I see you –

Would you want to change?


So maybe if I try to focus on what I really want

in the man I plan to spend the rest of my life with

I can think of what I like or hate in you

And use that to measure other guys to see how they stack up.


Does he show affection?

Does he laugh easily?

Walks and movies, music and food

Everything reflects

Building blocks,

Stumbling blocks


The so-called “wise ones” narrow it down to sex and money

In my few years of knowing this, I know…

We look for our parents when we look for our mates

The cycle continues we pass it on.


Maybe I’m looking for someone else to take your place

To show me the love you show in the only way I know

Cold and uncaring


Your laughter, my tears

No touch, no hugs

Just teasing and frowns


I plan to break the cycle this time.

I want to be smarter, stronger, wiser, and luckier.

I want to be loved.