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March 21, 2018

Moreover, Google Search, as well as other search engines can now identify and rate websites according to mobile-readiness. As such, they give guaranteed SEO ranking to websites that are mobile-friendly.

Avoid these 6 SEO Mistakes to Get Best Search EngineRanking Results

SEO is indispensable for any digital marketing campaign, whether it’s about a website or a range of products and services. Whether you’ve decided to go for some Guaranteed SEO Services or are tack link the arduous and extensive task of search engine optimization on your own, you need to avoid some of the most common SEO Mistakes for procuring best search engine ranking results. So, here are 6 SEO mistakes to avoid and make your SEO strategy impeccable and capable of producing better results:

1. Irrelevant Keywords - Search engine optimization is all about choosing the right keywords. So, the very first thing that you need to avoid is making the wrong keyword selection. While selecting keywords, the common mistake is neglecting the preference of search engines as well as users for long -tail keywords. Quality guaranteed SEO Services ensure that the most relevant keywords are selected for your business and optimization is carried out around them.

2. Keyword Stuffing - One of the leading mistakes, which results in hampering any great SEO approach is keyword stuffing. If you think that adding the target keyword or keywords in every paragraph of the content will boost your search engine ratings, you’re absolutely wrong. The practice of overusing keywords is considered spammy by search engines, including Google Search.Moreover, overusing keywords will make your content less user-friendly.

3. Developing Content not Related to the Focused Keywords - Another frequent pitfall that many SEO strategies land into is straying from creating content relevant to the chosen keywords. Of course, content creation is important but so is creating relevant content that revolves around the targeted keywords. Developing content that fits perfectly with the context of your selected keywords is essential for getting quality SEO results. If the content isn’t able to provide answers or information to users, it is irrelevant.

4. Overlooking Title Tags & Meta Descriptions - The title tag and meta description fields play a very important role in SEO. However, several organizations and SEO professionals overlook them. As a result, the content suffers. No matter how good the content is, lacking information in the title tag and meta description fields can affect its performance.

5. Missing Quality Links - Link building has completely changed in the recent few years. It is important for content marketers to realize that the quality of external links added in content is more important than the total number of links. Random linking is a bad practice that can do nothing good to your SEO approach, and can lead to penalties from search engines. Therefore, it’s important to add relevant and genuine links to your content. Without quality links, getting guaranteed SEO Services results might be hampered.

6. Not Investing in a Fast and Mobile-Friendly Experience - In addition to being about content and keywords, SEO is also about quality of the website,especially in terms of speed and performance. Modern users like to access the web using mobile devices. Hence, it’s important to make your website up to the challenge. Moreover, Google Search, as well as other search engines can now identify and rate websites according to mobile-readiness. As such, they give guaranteed SEO Ranking to websites that are mobile-friendly.
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