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August 28, 2015

Most of us are lucky to not have to know what having Ebola is like, but this video of a cured patient and the hospital staff dancing looks like straight up joy, y'all.

It’s Friday, which is a fine reason to be happy and excited. But unfortunately that feeling pales in comparison to what’s going on in Sierra Leone, now that the last Ebola patient has been discharged from the Makheni Ebola treatment unit. While there are still some people being quarantined, who possibly have the virus, when Adama Sankoh left the hospital, she was the last person being treated for the full blown disease. And now, she’s symptom free!

To celebrate, because my goodness if there is anything to celebrate in this world, this is it, Sankoh danced out of the hospital along with the staff who were treating her. Don’t let this celebration overshadow your mini TGIF celebration, though. Combine the two! Go all out! Dance out of your office today! But probably don’t paint your handprint on the walls, HR won’t like that too much.