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January 20, 2010


"Shhhhhhhhhhh... We'we hunting Watings.."

WARNING - SPOILER AHEAD... I can't believe how many people are buying this shtik, even industry insiders are falling for this phony conflict publicity stunt cooked up and served by Conan's "The Tonight Show's" Executive Producer Jeff Ross, and Leno's "The Jay Leno Show" Executive Producer Debbie Vickers, along with Leno's Associate Producer, Stephanie ROSS (Yea, that's right - ROSS) who was formerly the Talent Coordinator for - wait for it - "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson". what a coincidence! Meanwhile, NBC's ratings are soaring like the Nation's unemployment and CBS's ratings are shlumping like Letterman's.. reputation. BRILLIANT!! This may be the biggest and most successful publicity stunt since the "Balloon Boy", with many million's more taking a ride on this one. Speaking of millions and taking a ride, NBC and CEO/President Jeff Zucker are laughing all the way to the bank; Zucker may even make enough on this to buy his way out of his recently disclosed 10 year deal with Satan. The big problem looming on the horizon now for NBC is going to be how to cover this all up and maintain the illusion that the squabble was all real; if the truth leaks out the resulting backlash could put NBC back in the late night minors for years to come. And then the "fight" over who's responsible will start and you better believe those gloves will come off in a hurry.

Remember, you heard it here first.. I'm just sayin'...