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August 15, 2008


Are we so out of touch as a society that not only have we replaced talking to one another on the phone, with "texting"; the letter with email; and now having a social life with MySpace.

I say that myspace has replaced having a social life only because of the "myspace picture".  You know the one, the extremely close picture framed by the subjects biceps.  People no longer seem to have friends that will take their picture for them.  They have resorted to taking pictures of themselves.  Who looks good in these photos!?  A strange distortion picture of you looking over your shoulder and apparently sticking your arm out to, I don't know, protest the picture.  The only time a picture should have an arm coming out of the side is when your hand is on the photographers throat, or the really cool picture of me and my friend at Cedar Point!  It is seriously a great picture!  Just check out my myspace page if you don't believe me....