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June 02, 2017

We teamed up with KAYAK to search comedic minds (like they search travel sites) to find the best captions for your vacation memories.

To celebrate the unofficial start of summer, KAYAK and Funny or Die teamed up to help beach bums everywhere make the most of their vacation memories!

Just like KAYAK searches hundreds of sites at once for the best flights, hotels, and rental cars, Funny or Die searched their comedic minds for the best captions for some viewer-submitted vacation photos. Because when you’re on vacay, all you should have to worry about is zinc-ing up your schnoz and remembering how to say “Do you have avocado toast?” in the native tongue.

Ready to see the poolside post elevated to an art form? Then kick back, relax, put a little umbrella in whatever you’re drinking, and check out KAYAK and Funny or Die’s five best “vacaptions!”

d Battled captain jack sparrow and now i am king pirate.jpg

5. “Lost a lot of good shirts getting here. This one’s for them.”

Attention all shirtless photo guys! Please follow this caption’s example and come up with a clever quip for your skin pics so we can maintain the illusion that we liked it for some reason other than abs so well-defined they have their own page in the dictionary.


4. “Brittany, will you hold my glass of rose? I don’t want to look basic in my selfie.”

No one wants to admit that getting the perfect selfie is a full-on production, but this caption is finally creating a space for us to talk about it! Like, has anyone ever taken just one selfie? For every solo shot you see pop up in your feed, there is usually an entire flip book of chin-tilt variations sitting on your friend’s phone that will never see the light of day.

n RJ_ Steps and Statue.jpg

3. “What statue? I’ve got a WHOLE coconut.”

It may seem a little far fetched that someone could be so obsessed with coconut water that they are completely unaware of the world around them, but this is a very relatable caption if you’ve ever had to go back to work after a three-day weekend bachelor party and what little strength remains in your body is devoted solely to the intake of fluids and not vomiting straight into your keyboard.

29 Splash.JPG

2. “It’s a long way to Tokyo 2020, but you gotta start somewhere.”

This caption earns bonus points because it gets a little #buzz going for The Olympics in a summer without a games. Olympians are world-class athletes, you guys! They deserve to be celebrated! Once every four years just doesn’t cut it!

b Nat Ariel.jpg

1. “Just because I’m a mermaid doesn’t mean I’m not a patriot.”

This caption makes a good point: mermaids might just be the perfect symbol for America. Honestly, what better representation of this country as a “melting pot” is there than a creature that is half-fish, half-human? Sorry, but you gotta hit the bricks, bald eagle. Give us a call once you figure out how to merge with a bear or a buffalo or a guitar or something.

Feel that itch? It’s not sunburn, baby. You want to post a “vacaption” of your own, don’t ya? Well, you gotta go on VACATION first, ya boogie board!

Use KAYAK and search hundreds of sites at once for the best deals on travel. Be sure to snap plenty of pics on your trip, but don’t be surprised if you’re just too relaxed to come up with a funny caption. Hey! “I’m too relaxed to come up with a funny caption.” That’s a great “vacaption” right there!