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April 07, 2012

My voyage as an actor.

I used to day dream about characters as a kid, especially characters from the many novels I read. I tabled the dreams of performing being an obedient child ("real people have real professional jobs" wrong....Anyway I studied theater arts and Shakespeare on the side and spent too many years watching theatre and musicals wishing I was on stage. Then I grew up in later life and decided to do what I really wanted. I studied (still do 19 years later and at Beverly Hills Playhouse advanced acting program). I performed at the San Diego Comic Opera and Starlight Amphitheatre  for a number of performances as well as Community theatre. I went to Mexico and lived there a few years and was in 3 Spanish films (the regular almost everybody gets killed type) and then migrated to movie Mecca, Los Angeles where I've been for 9 years. I found out I'm a great straight man and have had a blast in a number of Tim Heidecker, and Eric Warheim's TV shows, specials and movie. I always thought of myself as a dramatic actor or comic opera type but found I can be the evil, flawed antagonist or the other extreme a funny guy. The trip continues and I am enjoying the ride.