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September 29, 2015

For those who value straightforward communication, Hulu and Fuck is the invitation for you!

By this point you probably know about Netflix and Chill. But if you don’t, I’ll save you a trip to urbandictionary.com or an awkward conversation with your younger cousin and tell you right here it’s just plain fuckin’.

That is sort of the problem, though, because for those who don’t know, the phrase comes across as very innocuous. I Netflix and Chill by myself every night. But add another person into the equation and all of a sudden this ain’t a PG scenario no more. I understand the want for subtlety, especially if this invitation comes early in a courtship, but I also want to be a voice for those who value more straightforward communication.

So for those of you who have naively accepted a Netflix and Chill invitation, or even worse, sent one out not knowing the implications of your statement,here is the solution: Hulu and Fuck.

Hulu and Fuck lets you know right upfront what’s going to go down so you can gladly say yes or confidently say no. Hulu also has less options than Netflix does, so you can get to the fuckin’ quicker. Hell, you can even just turn on the streaming service and go at it. There’s no waiting around and pretending to enjoy a documentary about bugs eating one another’s corpses.

Whoever you send this to will appreciate it, too. They won’t show up unprepared or not entirely sure of what’s about to go down.


If I had typed “Netflix and Chill” he might’ve just brought popcorn.

You can keep using Netflix and Chill if you want, but for the best results I advise Hulu and Fuck. Also, if you aren’t sure you want to go all the way, feel free to shoot an “Amazon Instant Video and Hand Stuff” text to bae.