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March 19, 2010


Now, I tend to not really judge until I've seen something because often I quite enjoy things that others pan.  Worst movie that I love?  "Married To It" with Beau Bridges (LOVE HIM), Ron Silver (LOVE HIM) Stockard Channing (yo Rizzo), and Cybil Shephard (loved Moonlighting).  It has a few little hiccups with the hokie writing and kind of obvious mismatch of people brought together in a way that wouldn't really happen...but I loved it's sweetness.  The heart of that movie makes it forgivable and enjoyable.  I've watched it about 50 times.
I had reserved judgment on Twilight because I kept thinking that I might read the books (I came on board late with Harry Potter and I LOVED all of the books....except the Goblet of Fire), as I had overheard another parent on a school trip say that she hadn't wanted to read the book and is now "addicted" to them as they are so SO good.  I've picked it up at the store a few times, but always managed to choose something else because I'm just never quite "in the mood" for it.
So, last night we are at the video store and Kelly wants to watch New Moon because Taylor Lautner was going out with Taylor Swift and she is a huge Taylor Swift fan at the moment, but I don't want to see New Moon until we've seen Twilight, so I talk her into getting Twilight first.  That was stupid.  Now I have to sit through 2 more painful hours of dirty looks, dirty hair and unfunny, unscary  "vampires".  I don't believe it's going to be all that different but for now we'll have us some moody werewolves.  Sigh.
Maybe I just got spoiled by the awesome that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I don't know.  I just know that Twilight was shit and I am really annoyed that I'm going to have to watch New Moon.