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July 09, 2011

Season 2 exclusive!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Call Center 608 is back! After last season's epic firing, Larry and new general manager Mike have hired several new faces.

"There will be lots of new employees at the Vacation Station," says producer Ben Wydeven. "Season 2 will feature a lot of one time appearances, people who show up for a week, then either disappear or get fired."

Among the new faces is "Gaston Bradley," whom assistant manager Lee describes as "a little me with a voice like butter. He sounds like a 40 year old white man."

You can watch the season 2 HERE.
A new episode of Season 2 is scheduled to be released every Thursday, exclusively on YouTube. Producers of the show say Season 2 will be at least 12 episodes and will conclude with a "shocking" twist. Also in the works this season is a road show spin off series, "It's Always Money at Call Center 608."

"The thing you have to remember about this show is that it is real," says Wydeven. "We don't make any of this up. When someone gets fired, they really get fired. We don't intervene. We just film it and cut it together in an entertaining way."

Catch up with Call Center 608 with Season 1, exclusively on YouTube.

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