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September 29, 2015

Dalai Lama - The man behind the reputation A satirical look at some of the serious issues surrounding the Dalai Lama. Though many of these issues are serious, this approach is meant to be light hearted. Due to the Dalai Lama's reputation many people just ignore the facts concerning the human rights abuses committed by the Dalai Lama. Please enjoy and inform yourself!

Dawa, the most generous man from Tibet!

Have you ever heard of Dawa Drub the most generous man from Tibet, nobody has, not even Dawa, but that does not change the facts of what he accomplished.

Dawa was born an ordinary Tibetan farmer living a simple life off the land in the region of Kham of Eastern Tibet. Dawa’s family and the community in which he lived would be regarded by most as extremely poor. Such was their fate until one day,whist toiling the earth Dawa happened upon an unlocked steel box. “We have many old tales of treasure hidden in the ground,but what I found is beyond anything I have even heard of” said Dawa.

What Dawa happened upon was a fully functioning 1942 Rolex Chronograph worth $1.16 million. An item of such value that would change the lives of his family and the community around them.


1942-Rolex-Chronograph worth 1.16 million dollars

That was five years ago! Fast forward to today and Dawa is living in a bush on the outskirts of Dharmasala. For me as a middle class western reporter I find this situation terrible, but not according to Dawa. “I am so happy in my bush! I wish to be a pure Buddhist practitioner, that is my goal and a peaceful mind is my life.” “I have no need of material wealth, compassion is the only wealth I need to sustain me”.




But what about the watch? “There was a big discussion in my village, no one knew what to do with it. We were all quite happy but having this thing in the village made us a target, it was dangerous. So it was decided that I would bring it here (Dharamsala) for the sake of the poor Tibetans.”


Lobsang Sangay and HHDL

I decided to follow up on this and was able to get a meeting with Lobsang Sangay,prime minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile. Here is transcript of part of our exchange in which Dalai also briefly attended.

“Dawa gave me the watch and I knew exactly what to do with it! As you know all Tibetan prime ministers are also Protects of the Dalai Lamas treasure house”

“Treasure house?”

“Yes and The Keepers of Supermundane Time! A cabinet with a lot of watches in it”

“But aren’t most Tibetans living in poverty?”

“Yea they’ve got crap Karma, what can you do eh! I mean I would do something but I is well busy, me Dalai is high maintenance. We have 30 staff just for polishing his watch collection and that is only the beginning…”

At this point HHDL walked into the office in a light pink fluffy bathroom robe with a logo from the Boston Omni Parker House Hotel, a favourite of HHDL.

DL: Lobsang when is me nail lady coming?! Also I need me massage! Quick me boy Lobsang quick.

Lobsang: It is coming your Holiness and preparations for the days ablutions are under way.

DL: Holiness, Holiness! Lobsang when we are at home I am Diva got it! There ain’t no girlfriend in this place that can touch me! Next life I am going to be even hotter, watch out girlfriend!

Lobsang: Yes, your Holi… I mean Diva


HHDL receiving a manicure

Me: Your..er…Diva, I am trying to write the story of Dawa,can you please tell me your thoughts on this kind generous man.

DL: Who is this boy bothering me Lobsang?

Lobsang: A reporter, Diva.

DL: Reporter boy, who is Dawa?

Me: The man who gave you the Rolex.

DL: Which one? Was he a president or something?

Me: No! He is just a poor Tibetan living outside.

DL: Naw you is making it up Reporter boy, they is all well rich. If not it’s bad Karma, anyway me is well too busy for this shit. Laters!

Lobsang: As you can see we are well blessed here.


HHDL massage staff

After this meeting I understood that HHDL must truly be a holy being. I mean living in such luxury, with so many precious possessions and be beyond any criticism. Clearly people give to him everything they can and he keeps all of it, only a supernatural person could do this.

I put this to Dawa and he told me “Yes, HHDL is something else. Of course we cannot understand it, he needs these things to help others.Also he has so many appointments he needs to know what time it is.”

At that point I realized that it is the HHDL who is the most generous person from Tibet. Without him who could we give our money to?

DL Rolex 1.jpe

HHDL with one of his watches

Some of the information above is not true

For a more accurate account