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May 03, 2010


Ever hear this:
" I can’t bowl this week, I’m in the doghouse",
"I slept on the couch last nite, I’m in the doghouse",
"She won't talk to me, I'm in the doghouse".

Fiddlesticks, I say,
and I don’t know what that means but it sounds like
horseradish or bullhockey or balderdash or cockamamey.
"A: All of the above".
Close enough, for few have truly been to THE The Dog House.

I did a tour in the Dog House (a year ago February)
to let things cool down---they didn't.
It seems she's happier being unhappy.
I was away from the home front for 6 weeks,
waiting for her to get over
the house landing on her sister...

The first three days seemed like hell, till I realized:
I'm better without the bs.
Notice how bs is not capitalized. It's capless.
DH - bs = mmmm.
Now, just a year later, and I'm happy to say
life is mucho bettero.

All I know is this:
The Dog House is a coveted place
few know,
none forget,
and some
---the lucky, chosen, honest ones---
will say it's worth as much going to
as it is leaving.


Huh? Isn’t it bad to be there Uncle Tom?
(FYI, My name is Tom, hey there, how are you, and I’m an uncle several times, hey again nieces and nephews everywhere, but the title ends there, I‘m color blind when it comes to folk.)
Yeah, the scenery sucks, the food is awful, the weather, the people, the whole time is awful…

BUT the life experience is priceless.
So no, it is NOT a bad place. No sireebob-kababnob-hobber-jobber, and again, I know not what that means, but it nicely emphasizes both consonant and vowel in "NO".

Absolutely firstly and foremostly, the Dog House is not just missing a nite of bowling or a comfy bed.

Often it’s like extended camping, maybe even three-hot-and-a-cot IF YOU'RE LUCKY, and not knowing what’s gonna happen, or when, or for how long.

It’s a time when YOU decide how you truly feel about things.
Like a walkabout, a secret, spiritual journey thru your mind and heart and soul. Usually on the cheap, and out of a comfort zone.
One of the best reminders is that YOU can be YOUR worst enemy.
Another great point to remember: It's a test.
Everything is test, especially the Dog House.
All of life is one test after another.

This may seem like a bad thing at the time, but it isn't.

Only YOU determine how you feel about the situation,
so Firetruckin’ A+ ditty-bag-Tonto! Make it so, let it be,
on a blue plate special frog leg spaghetti dinner.
(Don’t know, don’t want to know).

UNLESS---AHA! Now we get to the good fruit salad mama made for the preacher---YOU make it a bad place. MAKE as in YOU DECIDE. Whereas, to wit comma if YOU decide it is bad, then it is. Or 'tis. If you say 'tis bad, then 'tis. Like that.

This applies to anything, it's subjective, based on your reaction,
not on the intent of the originator.
It should be a bumper sticker:

"If YOU decide it is bad, then it is".

It could be the mantra of the universe.

Except it has a negative slant.

"YOU decide if it is good"would be better suited.

And if you ever wore a better suit you know what I mean.

Now, I don’t give a jack-diddly-squat-inside-a-donut-hole whether the outcome is what you wanted.

That, my friend, don’t make no-never-mind.

What’s important is you make the best of whatever it is, be it in the doghouse, the donkey stable, the cat tale, the fish tank, monkey barrel, chitlin bucket next to the brass spitoon, the something wicked, or whatever else comes this way to land in your proverbial lap.

Remember, DH - bs = mmmm.

In closing, don’t be a hero...be a Jedi-ninja-hobo-smart cat

with certainty

and the mentality

to adapt



regardless of the outcome.

And next time you hear about somebody in "the doghouse",
give the universe a wink and a smile
know full well
(if you've seen a full well you know how much water that is)
that the "dog" in the "house"
decides whether it’s good or not.