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June 16, 2016

The dumbass liberal media gets it wrong again! They can't even tell the difference between two guns that have different parts even though both guns do the exact same thing which is kill people.

Once again the anti-gun politimedia has reacted to a tragedy with the same lib “solution” they come up with every time: take away our guns. But what really gets me about these anti-gun pro-Muslim terrorist sympathizer liars is that they can’t even get their facts straight! (Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised by anything these people say who think Barack “No-Brain” Obama can do no wrong!”).

Take, for instance, the way they covered the Orlando attack. Multiple of these lib-tards reported that the shooter used an AR-15 rifle when the attacker actually used a Sig Sauer MCX Rifle.

Uhhh, yeah, you read that right, these lib-iots don’t even bother to tell the difference between these two VERY different guns (Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised by anything these people say who think “Hillary the Crook” should be president!).

So, before these lib-dumbasses have any more time to lib-splain all the ways they want to lib-take-away-the-rights-guaranteed-to-us-by-the-Second-Amendment, I’ve decided to put together a diagram showing the many differences between these two weapons. (Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised by anything these people say who think “Bernie Sandildo” has all the answers!).


As you can see, the two weapons are VERY different.

And while we’re at it, these rifles are not M16’s, OBVIOUSLY, they are modeled after M16’s so that civilians can legally own one but still feel like they are big strong soldiers. Also, they’re not “assault rifles,” those don’t exist OBVIOUSLY, they are “assault-style” rifles. Meaning they were designed to look like the ones the big strong soldiers use.

And they’re not “automatic" weapons, you idiots, they’re “semi-automatic” weapons, so instead of firing 700 rounds per minute, they can only shoot as many times as you can pull the trigger in a minute, which is only about 180 times (if you’re a pussy! Hehe. My granddad could pull a trigger 352 times in a minute. Old men are so great…).
So next time the lib-bleeding-heart media wants to immediately blame the same gun for every tragedy in order to attack the freedom bestowed to us by the Founders of the Constitution, they should remember this: The only thing that the San Bernadino, Aurora, Newtown, Sandy Hook, Orlando, and countless other mass shooter’s guns had in common was that they are SIMILAR. And legal. And can do the same thing as each other which is kill a lot of people very quickly.

The guns are NAMED something different though, so get your facts straight asshole-rals (I tried it the reverse way that time. Think it might work!).