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November 15, 2010

After receiving a wonderful email from Vera full of promise and untold sensual adventures I immediately replied... alas she's yet to repond

Vera to me:
Hello dear new friend,
How are you today? I hope you are fine.
My name is Vera,I am kind, flexible, responsible, curious, easy-going, romantic and sensual. I prefer active way of life style. My dream is to spend time and share life with a partner, who will be my lover and friend,if you're interested with my proposal you write back to me

Me to Vera:
Of course I'm interested.  Who wouldn't be after receiving such an intriguing solicitation from a perfect stranger?  I also am curious, easy-going, romantic and dare I say it.... sensual.  It's as if we were made for each other.  I suppose it was inevitable that two like minded people such as you and I would find each other eventually.  I also have dreamed all my life of spending time.  I love to spend time.  Sometimes when I should be working I find myself thinking of spending time.  Wow, I'm just so excited that out of all the people on the Internet you chose me.  Somehow among the millions of netizens, you and I were drawn together, pulled towards each other through some cosmic magnetism which could only be described as fate.  
How soon can we meet?  Where do you live and is there room for me and my 7 cats?  I've named them after the seven dwarfs of course.  I bet you will like Doc the best.  He's a little pushy, but the old rascal loves most people and hardly ever bites.  Sleepy is just that, he's sleepy, he hasn't moved in three months and one of my friends say he's dead, but I suspect she is a cat hater.  I'll save the rest for later as I'm sure you will want to discuss each of them in depth and I don't want to use all my best table conversation before we meet.  Speaking of table conversation do you think we could have dinner together soon?  I know a great place where they serve cats!  Haha not serve them as food, but will let the people bring their cats to dinner.  Of course we won't bring all seven, but I think Doc would accept you sooner if you were to buy him a nice fish dinner.  
I've already told my mother about you and she is praying for you to be real and not someone I invented in my head.  I feel pretty good about the possibility that you are actually out there Vera as I've been on my medication for 10 days straight and it's very unlikely that the voices could break through and trick me again.  But just to be sure, write me back immediately and if you don't mind send a copy to my mother atjimsmother@gmail.com.  You might also want to send a copy to Docthecat@gmail.com as he loves to read email to the rest of the group.  
I suppose there are a few questions we should wade through although they are surely formalities considering how kismet has brought us together.  I'll go first
1.  Do you believe in aliens?
2.  How much money do you make?
3.  Coke or Pepsi?
4.  Do you have any super powers?
5.  Do you think I have any super powers?
6.  Can we be married on the moon or if it's booked perhaps Area 51?
7.  Do you speak vulcan?
8.  Will all the restraining orders against me bother you?
9.  Will you paint me?  I'd like to be green
10. When the machines take over... blue pill or red pill?

Again I'm very excited about our future together.  Write me very soon and lets make arrangements for me to start moving in.