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March 31, 2017

Hobbits addicted rings tha t compare to crystal meth from Breaking Bad.

Ah New Zealand, home of the beautiful country side where there is a bounty of hills, fields of fresh green grass and where know hobbits such Bilbo Baggins roamed in such films as Lord of the Rings, and of course the movie known as Hobbit. The star Elijah Wood spent approximately 3 years shooting this marvelous film and, where he played Frodo who became attached to the one ring that ruled them all, he became addicted to it as if it was made of Crystal Meth that could of been forged by Walter White who somehow ended up in Middle Earth probably by some drug induced nightmare who is played by none other by our favorite 90’s Dad, Bryan Cranston. Now back to the country of New Zealand, one of my favorite astrophysics out there, Neil Tyson will be traveling there in July, while I will be sweating away in San Diego doing panels, and integrating with my fellow Tolkienist and before I hear the cat calls saying that I am wrong at this name befalls us, just look on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me. Now brings to us the final question, how can we shrink ourselves so we can stowaway in Tyson’s luggage so we can be in New Zealand as well..hmmmm…