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January 17, 2012

He's the man.

In a recent NBA Player poll which asked “which player is the most like Kobe Bryant?” players saw Bulls PG Derrick Rose as the most fit for the accolade.

“He’s so smooth. He can drive and slice or post up anywhere. Just like Kobe Bryant.” said Hornets guard Jarrett Jack. “In a way, Derrick Rose is much more like Kobe Bryant than Kobe Bryant ever was” added Jack’s teammate Carldell Johnson.

“Derrick is such a ferocious play maker in the paint, which is rare for a guard. He’s really the only player in the league who I could think of that compares to Kobe Bryant.” said Jazz center Al Jefferson.

“He’s so crisp. He takes charge of his team. Derrick Rose is exactly who you think of when you think of Kobe Bryant.” said Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.

Rose himself was honored by the way his peers felt. “I’ve always felt I was pretty Kobe. It’s cool to hear they agree.” Rose has now motioned with both the NBA and Webster’s Dictionary to have the word “Kobe Bryanting” added to the English language as a verb which means “to play basketball like Derrick Rose”.

Next week NBA Player’s Poll asks the question “if you were stranded on a desert island, who would you want coming off the bench?”