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Published January 24, 2011
Remember when the only controversy in sports was whether or not my favorite mets players were snortin some coke and Michael Jordan may or may not have been gambling on Golf.  AHHHH. the good old days..... Remember when one of the best players in basketball was a white guy from FRENCH LICK INDIANA...... Remember when some short guy with legs like tree trunks would run over everyone on the field out there in Detroit for a 85 yard touchdown, and then..........hand the ball to the ref and go back to the leap into the jumping on top of each other.....What ever happened to "act like you've been there before".... Remember when Jerry Rice's leg broke into about 500 pieces, and he came back later that season and played.....Or when Ronnie Lott screwed up his finger real bad, and rather then leave the game, he cut the damn thing off completely and went back in to dominate.... Darryl Strawberry may have been a drunk who may or may not have done some terrible things because his dog told him to do it while he was high.....but at least the guy took the game seriously on the field damnit...... These days, we have the pleasure of watching wife beaters, drunk drivers (who get caught), idiots who shoot themselves in the leg, a moron who runs dogfighting out his own house, and a retard who gets arrested every week for making it rain in the strip club while his posse of 200 dudes spend his money for him. Oh the way....Tom Brady can win 10 superbowls with his team stealing everyone's plays......he will never have the game that Phil Simms had in the '87 superbowl......And he sure as hell will never be Joe Montanta......... Lawrence Taylor is a god......The Boston Garden is no longer the Boston Garden.....John Vanbeezbrook was a great goalie and Doc Gooden is still great.........