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November 16, 2010

According to Beiber, not medical professionals.

According to Beiber, not medical professionals.

From WENN.com:

Justin Bieber is convinced he suffers from attention deficit disorder – because he frequently “drifts off” during his home-schooling sessions.

“I have a small case of ADD,” Beiber says.  “If I don’t understand something, and I’m bored, I don’t pay attention.”

Having trouble focusing on your schoolwork, Beiber?  That’s because you’re the most famous fucking kid on the planet.  You know you won’t need sweet calculus skills to get chicks or cover your Toyota Corolla payments, so how can anyone really expect you to give a shit?  It’s admirable that you’re at least trying.

So, ADD?  Nope.  If anything, Beiber, you have OCD.  I mean, how many times do you really need to say the word ‘baby’ in a song?*

*3. The answer is 3. Max.

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