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January 06, 2010


The funny thing about producing an feature-length indie film (Birds of LA is mine) with a zero budget is that a lot of shit can go wrong with it but it wont die unless you kill it yourself.  I mean, no one is going to take away an imaginary budget. 

We start shooting again in two weeks minus our lead guy who is getting paid for roles and therefore unavailable (which certainly beats acting as a labor of love) and our other lead guy, my brother Matt, who is out for six months due to injury.  Rewrites, once again. 

We haven't been completely idle, though.  We shot the virtual Christmas card called "A Christmas Minute" which was pretty popular with its whopping 35 views.  Jeez.  We also did a family sketch called, "The Message".  I had it up on FOD for a couple days but I pulled it because it was getting die votes and I really shouldn't put personal family videos on Funny or Die.  And if a few die votes are going to sting you, you shouldn't be posting on this site.  With most of our videos, I could care less about the die votes, especially ones that feature bananas.  I mean, that's what this site is about.  Funny ... or ... die. 

So, we press on with the film.  The equipment is ready.  My players (most of them) are ready.  I just need to get off my ass and line up some shit and get the ball rolling again.  So as soon as I post this blog, it's back to work.  And by work, I mean play.  Gotta keep it fun.  Nobody's paying us for this shit. 

I'm inspired.  Here I go.  Closing the laptop and making some calls.  Oh look! A Tim Allen video...

Ps.  Charlie Sheen is a douche.