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Published: July 21, 2009
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Can you believe this motherfucking shit, man?!?! I'm the one who goes through the trouble of secretly recording my near gay reunion with JO...let alone hoodwinking the stoners at FoD to air it, and what does the world do? They interview John Oates and ignore my monkey ass...again!!!

Taco The Town with John Oates
Froman vs. Oates
Bullz-Eye: A Chat with Oates

And then there are the purely lazy quiffs who just wrote about MY ART-PIECE FILM WITHOUT ASKING MY PERMISSION!!

The Daily Swarm
Topless Robot
Popped Culture
Comic's Comic

That's fine dude. Ain't nothing a lid of Cali Med Sweet Bush can't cure. Make it up to me by buying my tee-shirts...I have fashions for hookers and pimps. At a bare minimum, send me pics of your girlfriend's mound to ridethemustache@gmail.com.

Still rocking with soul...ho!
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