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Published May 29, 2012

Source: theleek.com

After three hit and runs and a DUI in less than a month, yesterday Amanda Bynes attached a full size steel cattle guard to the front of her BMW 5 Series.
An inside source reports that the cow catcher was installed by a Northridge train technician. Apparently, during the test drive Bynes smashed into a Prius, launching it over a guard-rail without even spilling her 16 oz Sex on the Beach.
The former Nickelodeon star was hard to miss last night as she pulled out of Hollywood night club, Drai’s, her new cattle guard dragging across the ground shooting red-hot sparks in all directions.
Bynes says that cattle guards are a necessity for important celebrities like her. “When you’re a  former Nickelodeon star, you need to drink… like all the time,” Bynes told Hollywood Leek.
“I need to feel safe when I’m driving,” she continued. “I don’t want to wake up and have to clean scalp off the front end of my eighty-thousand dollar ride. Just last night I was on the 101 texting my friends about how dangerous the driving conditions were when I hit that last guy.”