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September 11, 2014

The whole situation is confusing to me.

I was reading different headlines today. There’s something about a guy named, Ray Rice. I know he is a running back. He was on my fantasy team. I have an Uncle Ray and I always liked the taste of rice (it is very interesting how rice is hard and thin, but when you boil it it becomes thicker and soft). So, I just selected the guy.

All of a sudden I saw he was released by his football team which I think is in Baltimore. He was also suspended indefinitely by the NFL afterwards. I didn’t read any of the articles, but I just know he is in the news. Could someone tell me what is going on here? Why is he in the news now?

The top 10 searches on Yahoo! right now are:

1. WWE Wrestler Dies
2. Michael Cera
3. Taylor Swift
4. Doug Martin
5. Jimmie Johnson
6. Elon Musk
7. Duck Dynasty
8. Vacuum Cleaners
9. Forrest Gump
10. Ray Rice

I don’t know anything about those other people or topics, but Ray Rice popped out at me. I have an uncle named Ray and I enjoy rice, which is why I remembered I drafted him on my fantasy team. So, what does this mean for my fantasy team? Is he still playing on the fantasy team? There is a football game called Madden and he has also been removed from the game. I’m just a little unsure what to do here.

All these signs point to him doing something noteworthy and possibly law-breaking. I cannot imagine what he could have done to possibly deserve these actions being done to him. I tried calling my Uncle Ray to see if he knew anything about Rice, but apparently he died earlier this year. A serial murderer boiled him to death and then ate him, I was told by Ray. So, this explains why Rice was removed from the league. My Uncle Ray ate him and is a cannibal, or as my Uncle said, he referred to Rice as an ‘it’ objectifying the Rice as an object.

So, the NFL indefinitely suspended Ray Rice because of the actions of my Uncle Ray. I will be visiting Ray in prison–I assumed since a long prison sentence is usually served for murdering someone and eating that person. But my Uncle Ray said that he was given a year to show it was just a one time offense and to go to counseling and anger management. I think this is an odd thing. I told this to my Uncle Ray I did not understand how a man could commit a crime such as this and only go to counseling. What if my Uncle Ray commits another crime like he did to Rice in that time, but the news does not become public, because Uncle Ray did it in a place without any cameras or in the privacy of his own home. Uncle Ray said that was a risk of letting a violent man who plays in the NFL, a violent game, free to live his life in the outside world and time would tell if the he would hit his wife again. He lost me at the NFL part and at the part about hitting my aunt. I feel for my aunt’s safety now even more. Hitting a woman is not right. I told my Uncle Ray, he better not touch her again. He said that he had the right to do so, because my aunt was his wife.

So, I am genuinely scared for my aunt. I wanted to call the police on my Uncle Ray, but he hadn’t yet committed another crime. Therefore, I decided not to do so.

(On a side note: Half the time I am focused on something else. Even now.)

Anyways, I just do not get this whole scenario with my Uncle Ray and why he would kill Ray Rice back in March and why this is all in the news just now? Why would NFL team in Baltimore only release Ray Rice now even though the crime was committed in March?

Please feel free to update me on the details here.


Bill McCarthy