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February 03, 2013

OMG idk seems like this guy maybe a little awkward. I totally did not make this up. fyi I am not going to be helping, this poor guy out. I just thought it was sad funny.



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Posted: 2013-02-03, 6:29PM PST

Help this quiet guy find a girlfriend!

Are you an outgoing, fun person do you like to meet new, interesting people?

Well not me. I am pretty quiet :(

On the plus side I interesting, wonderful, sweet, creative, strong and usually pretty fun. Well at least I think so.

I just want to say, this lack of girlfriend thing is not working for me anymore.

I am just wondering if there might be a down to earth guy or girl who could just help me find a girlfriend. Maybe a wing man or girl? Maybe we go out and with your strong, sure voice you somehow manage to put in a kind word here and there for me.. I'm open .

Do you like socializing and having fun? This would be an easy, fun job. The hardest part will be getting to know me!
Just kidding... well not really :)

Email me if you want more info!

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Posted: 2013-02-03, 6:29PM PST


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