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November 08, 2008


Believe it or not, I don't have my GED and I'm a eighth grade drop-out after I punched out my teacher.The teacher was a jerk and hit a whole bunch of kids,he fucked up and hit a kid whose father was a good lawyer.But, I was more of a hothead than I am right now.It done my heart good that I saw that bastard was working at Hollywood Video back in 1992. "Hey,fuck off mr.shithead and be kind rewind my life,muthafucka." I always made excuses why I didn't take the GED.The main reason was I suck at Math.Plus,I need more time to drink alcohol and smoke weed! I would like to take a creative writing course here at the U of A or Pima.But,I think I need my GED first.I can't believe me and Chris Rock are high school drop-outs. I never could follow anybody else rules. That's why I'm always bumping heads with my fellow AA's. I can't all life answers is in a book written by a stockbroker who got a spiritual experience hopped up on Bella Donna!