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March 19, 2018

Parts of Online Proctoring Web based administering arrangements are a mix of innovation and human collaboration. The innovation incorporates equipment and programming. Maybe a couple of the arrangement that we use to delegate and guarantee secured on the web examinations are: 1. Test Page Navigation: Users are not permitted to explore between test pages to some other page amid the test. 2. Notices or Alerts: 3 notices or alarms are flashed before log-out in case client explores amid the test. 3. Consoles Lockout: Few tests where consoles are not required to attempt a test are deactivated 4. Utilizing Commands: Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop capacities are deactivated in all tests. offers the correct mix of accommodation for the test taker, suitable validation and security for the establishment. <a href=https://aiproctor.com/>online proctoring solution</a>

Disrupting, Detecting & Preventing Exam Cheating Fraud like NEVER BEFORE: We, the engineers at AIProctor have deployed cutting edge Artificially Intelligent (AI) algorithms to build the most technologically advanced Remote Online Proctoring App on the planet = BTW, we are very proud of our work!