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December 21, 2011

Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency. By Dr. Seuss.


or One Snitch Two Snitch Red Snitch Death Wish

Hello there!
My name is Red.
I am glad I am not dead.

I'll buy you smokes, if you like that.
I am as stealthy as a cat.
I will not buy you guns, I say!
I want to leave Shaw-shank one day.

Prison life is very tough.
The men are mean. The guards are rough.
I've seen some very scary stuff.

I did not commit a crime.
But I stay here. I serve the crime.
I like to rhyme and rhyme and rhyme
Rhyme and rhyme to pass crime time.

These are the sisters.
They are not girls.
Prison is no fairy-tale world.

This gang is bad.
They push and shove.
They'll teach you about prison love.

And every day, at half past ten,
They yell, "Who wants to see Big Ben?"

We put a poster on the wall.
This girl looks nice.
She's thin and tall.
It makes the cell seem not so small.

It looks quite good.
It helps a bunch.
We don't like prison very much.

Look at that!
He dug a hole!
He must have used a spoon, you see.
He must have had to crawl and crawl.
Crawl and crawl in a small wall hall.

Prison life was never fun.
Now my time here is all done.