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March 05, 2009


I heard a coupe of weeks ago about Bobby jindal being the new up and comer of the Republican party.Then,last night I heard Lou Dobbs blabbing about the democrats arer treating Rush Limbaugh as the new voice of the Republican Party.Rush has and will always be the JOKER IN THE REPUBLICAN DECK OF CARDS. Tell ya the truth is the last adminstartion has seriously fragmented the Republican Party,its left bleeding prtofusely on the killing floor.There's almost no difference between the parties anymore.  What happened to Sak has his brains dried in the Arizona desert heat? No. I just saying both parties sold their collective souls to Corporate America.I hope I'm wrong.But,we need somebody to stand up and cuit the bullshit with a chainsaw.Cause,there's a lot of bullshit to cut through.