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April 24, 2010


web hosting web hosting company Looking for Cheap Webhosting with all the features you need but none of the cost of an expensive host? Fizzhosting.com web hosting features has everything you’re looking for. For my business, the two most critical features that makes Fizzhosting.com different from all the others. We all want to save some extra dollars and cheap web hosting apparently seems to offer the solution. There are many web host companies and websites that offer such services and some even claim to offer free webhosting services. I would definitely not recommend the free hosting services. There is always a catch. From personal experience, these seemingly free services are free only by word. Fortunately there is one cheap web hosting service that is cheap in price and loaded with services. Most of the other services will offer very cheap initial services that would seem too good an offer to refuse especially for small businesses and start-ups that have little in terms of initial investments. The trick however lies in that as the business grows, it will necessitate more server space, bandwidth usage is sure to increase and all of these will come at an extra fee. So before you go for a cheap webhosting service, what should you consider? Cheap hosting packages usually come with limited resources like server space and bandwidth. This is a good starting point when shopping for cheap web hosting services. Data transfer is important for any website regardless of its size. Ensure that your package has the highest offered bandwidth and server resources as possible. If you go for low bandwidth and server resources, then expect website downtimes as your website services more and more clients. Take into consideration also the web site hosting company’s reputation. Reliable companies will offer nothing less than a 24/7 technical support. This is important if you consider that web hosting may be done in a different country in a different time zone and you don’t want to be restricted by the 8 to 5 business hours. Thus, ensure that your package quotes 24/7 technical support and nothing less. Cheap web hosting services are notorious for offering very small web spaces. While you may not require a large space, a startup can grow considerably within a relatively short period of time and you may find yourself in serious problem if you have limited space. A lot of people tend to think that cheap web hosting offers less quality services than expensive webhosting. The truth is cheap hosting offers the same quality services as the expensive one. If you take time to look around, it is even possible to find a cheap webhosting website that offers very high quality hosting services at a great price. Take time to look around and compare hosting offers. Doing this will likely land you a well-priced cheap webhosting package. Fizzhosting.com offers cheap, affordable web hosting and domain name registration. Located in the UK, we provide a Linux-based web hosting service for both business and individual customers at a budget price. We provide our customers with quality web hosting facilities at the lowest possible prices. Using high specification web servers, we can ensure excellent performance and reliability for your web site. Our services include online webmail, 24-hour FTP access, MySQL databases, PHP server-side scripting, web site statistics, and much more. We can also supply secure certificates - SSL, dedicated IP addresses, reseller web hosting, and web site design. Fizzhosting.com offers many affordable web hosting plans. We are also happy to work with you to come up with a personalised plan that meets your needs. The Basic Web Hosting plan is best suited for individuals and smaller businesses needing a web presence. Many of our customers start with the Basic plan, and upgrade as their business grows. The Dynamic Web Hosting plan meets the needs of small-scale businesses that may require superior storage capacity and higher bandwidth. The Premium Web Hosting plan serves professionals in need of a great deal of storage space and bandwidth. Immediately after your payment is processed, your account is ready to go. Within minutes, you can be online, building your web site. Our inexpensive web hosting plans have no hidden costs, VAT, or other taxes applied. In addition, there is no web hosting contract to commit to or additional deposits to be paid. We accept payments on a monthly or yearly basis via Paypal or Google checkout. Customers that choose to pay on a yearly basis will receive free web hosting for two months, representing more than a 10% savings on our already low prices. Because our data centre is located in the heart of the UK, we can ensure that our services use the best networks inside the UK, providing you will excellent performance. Overall we offer a great online hosting service, support and price to suit your budget Fizzhosting.com offers superior web hosting services at an affordable price. For more information on our latest offers, compare our web hosting plans and get your web site up and going today.In the recent times, e-Commerce has emerged as the most important facet of the Internet and has changed the way people look at online businesses. Getting the right web hosting provider is the most important step when starting an eCommerce site. FizzHosting.com is your answer! FizzHosting.com provides you web hosting services for an exceptional low costs. FizzHosting.com understands that a website should be designed in a manner to welcome clients and they should feel good being on a website. Security is another big prime concern for your clients and even for you; hence FizzHosting.com provides key-factors such as reliable security and user-friendly shopping carts to make your business transaction smooth and easy. Look at some of our features for E-Commerce. • SSL Secure Serve • Agora Shopping Cart • Free Generated Certificate • Password Protected Directories • Open PGP/GPG Encryption • Paypal Support • Merchant Account Support • Self-Signed SSL There are so many web hosting companies available and one can select any one depending upon his choice or interest. Nowadays, several hosting companies are providing unlimited bandwidth and disk space. There are many benefits of unlimited bandwidth as it is essential to be online for 24 x 7 over the internet. You can create your site full of images and videos to attract your clients. So many visitors will visit your site, and if you keep it updated almost daily they will come to see what’s new you have there almost everyday. So this is the main reason behind why unlimited bandwidth is gaining so much popularity of people throughout the world. FizzHosting.com gives you the benefit of unlimited bandwidth with any of it’s web-hosting plans. You know what, every business owner wants to expand his/her business and thus large amount of bandwidth is necessary to do further changes and to upload data. So I would say that you should choose a web hosting company which gives you the feature of unlimited bandwidth. And this will help you to achieve good results in long terms. The main advantage of unlimited bandwidth is that one can upload huge amount of images or videos in the website along with great speed. The speed of the website depends greatly on the bandwidth and hence one should always choose large bandwidth to retain the visitors. Limited bandwidth can be dangerous as if the data is accumulated above the limit, the website can be shattered, which affects the reputation and credibility of website. How to find the provider who can give unlimited bandwidth? Only unlimited bandwidth is not enough as one needs to check the reputation, server uptime, customer support and many other aspects to get better results in future. Yes, there are so many web hosting providers available which offer unlimited web hosting, but one should consider the reputation of that provider to have complete insight of all the abilities and qualities. The uptime should be above 99.99 percent in order to get 24 x 7 availability of website. Customer support is the other thing to consider as one could have any type of query at any time. It is always advisable that one should check the customer support by calling the service provider at odd hours. Data Transferring Unlimited bandwidth is essential especially for the online marketers as there is a lot of traffic and thus data transferring on their blog or website. It is very important to have unlimited bandwidth for the comfortable viewing of web page. If the web page acts like a source of income, everyone wants to choose unlimited bandwidth for the complete satisfaction of visitors. It is the only key to convert visitors into consumers. One should always remember that unlimited bandwidth can do wonders for the people who have large businesses and have lot of traffic on the website. Every one wants the speedy process of website and hence unlimited bandwidth is the only way to make the most from a web hosting firm