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June 19, 2010


Fridays are days of joy for most people. For me not so much this friday. Yesterday was a terrible day.
I get called into the office and there is a cop. He said a fire truck had called in a complaint that someone failed to yeld and guess what?????? Yep- It was me.
So the cop writes me a ticket, and says I was in the way for more than a mile..... What? I replied, man there is only two city blocks between where we are now and where the Fire truck got behind me? The police officer asked me why I didn't yeild, and I answered," Look man, I got off of 115 onto lake ave, I go two traffic lights and in my mirror there is a fire truck all of a sudden all lite up and right on my bumper... I said..Oh shit and went to the shoulder, but there isn't a mile on that street, its only four blocks long." 
The cop said he was going to write a statement because after he thought a moment, he too is very familure with the geography agrees with me, and that the fire truck was probably back there4 to 5 seconds.

When asked why I didn't hear the Sirene?  I said " Man its friday, I may have been rocking out, I don't remember rocking out, but it isn't uncommon for me to be rocking out on a friday, I'll jam up 107.7 and get my rock on." That really bummed me out, I mean come on, Like the cop said, You know I can understand them making a big deal about that out in the county where there isn't any traffic, but in the city here there is always tons of congestion its hard to get over instantly. 
For those who are keeping score thats my second ticket this year. My insurance is going  up and up and up and up. I am thinking of taking up drinking and driving or exceptional speeding, because I don't do anything wrong, I am a perfect safe driver and I get tickets all the time. So I'm going to start driving on sidewalks so maybe I'll feel justified when I am cited. The last ticket was driving in the left lane for more than a mile. I don't know why my city thinks the failed buisness plans of California is what we need here, I'm going to have to get into politics and run for mayor.