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April 14, 2010


How come pervy priests aren't afraid of Hell?
You would think that, given the intensity of their beliefs/indoctrination, that fear of fire and brimstone would make a priest less inclined to abuse power.  That's what makes it the perfect cover, I suppose, because you would think that someone preaching about eternal damnation would take it fairly seriously, no?
Now, I read an article recently about how people who recycle to excess, buy Smartcars/Hybrids, etc, tend to actually be far more reckless and less truthful than other people because they have a false sense of entitlement based on their environmental contribution.  It's an interesting theory and it makes sense if you think of it in terms of dieting where for some reason people "celebrate" a hard working week or skipping meals by overindulging on "treat" day. 
It's a similar mentality.  It's like "Yah! I lost 7 pounds!  I think I deserve some triple fudge cake with whipped cream and Oreo crumbles."
With "I drive this piece of shit electric car that only goes 40 miles an hour and spent 3 hours rinsing and seperating my recycling so I can park in a handicapped space or skip the line for ???"
So...a priest can't really claim credits for celibacy if they're diddling...and they make a whole lot of money for doing essentially nothing but raping the locals...where does the entitlement come from??
Ringo Starr thinks the Beatles are the ones who should be forgiving the Vatican...and he has no intention of doing so.