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Published May 18, 2012

Lil Wayne Lines

1.  When life gives you lemons, fuck bitches.

2.  Dropping bills like Jonah Hex,  Hookers pay me for sex.

3.  I smoke a J, then an L, than an M, N, O, P.

4.  Bitches come and go, But when I cum they swallow.

5.  Wake up in the mornin, Eat a bowl of the pussy.

6.  Got a diamond on my dick, Every kiss begins with Kay.

7.  I don't ever pay the check, The check pays me.

8.  Gettin head like a pumpkin, Call me captain blumpkin.

9.  I have Presidential mackage, So you can stimulate my package.

10.  I never take a shit without head no more.