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November 01, 2008


In a recent post I mentioned a guy whose name I didn't know that at the time.That person who I believed got some prison for rigging an election was ex-GOP operative Allen Raymond and here's some more information about how he did what he did. Here's the link


Cause I believe pissing and moaning and bitching about how shit is so fucked up is our god-given right as an American as long we can point ya in the right direction.Damn, I feel like an idiot if they going on to count your votes anymore. Just tell who you want to run the country  without the sham of elections and elector colleges what ever the fuck that is. CNN is wasting time with another stupid speech from McCain,Palin and Obama where they are all saying the same old horseshit over and over again.These asshole commentators are trying to figure which state is turning red,pink,purple,mauve,lavender,burgundy,blue,marine-blue,tortiose,or bullshit brown. Please tell us soon which finger puppet will be in the Oval Ofifice because we all should know that its corporate America calling the real shots.