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May 18, 2012

The Rapper KSD is considered the BEST RAPPER OF DELHI. HE has been awarded as the best rapper of noida in 2010,believing in musical lifestyle, and famous for his attractive outfits and melancholic voice, this rapper is the next rap sensation of india.Performed in more than 70 night clubs,bars,pubs,open air concerts, page 3 parties. he is almost famous persoality who believes in not uploading his music or videos himself. and want people to do it for him.

The Rapper KSD is well known for his magnificent,energetic,interesting, and fascinating rap performances, AWarded the BEST RAPPER OF DELHI, This young boy has performed in more than 70 clubs in delhi,ncr,gurgaon,noida,chandigarh,and even goa.|
He believes in not uploading his rap performances,pictures,or music songs himself. he wants people to do it or him, worked with many artists like, bohemia,alfaaz,dj nyk,dj sanj,silinder,pardesi,Dj barkha kaul.
From the third best rapper of delhi, he acquired the position of the best rapper of delhi.he thinks big always, and is going to drop his music with dj sanj(london)very soon.Well known by the nameTHERAPPER,He is very talented pack of gangster rap music. and can make the club bang with the crowd screaming up and being crazy.
WIthout even a single track upload/release, he is a competition to all the rappers in india.
Also worked for well known clubs in noida and event management companies. he made it big. this18 year old boy is a power pack rapper and probably the most searched gangster rapper on google.
Considers honey singh not up to the mark, ad bohemia his godfather, this young blood rapper thinks he can beat up and mess the competiton of freestling with any of the rappers in india.
The Rapper KSD is also the BEST RAPPER OF NOIDA in the year 2010.Karan singh dhillon by name, he is a very famous celebrity our here, and people know him because of his power pack energetic performances.
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