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June 24, 2010


To watch-making world, Jorg Hysek is usually a major name deserving respect. As an independent watch artist, he used to style special edition watches for the most influential watch makes. His representative works, most of which are upscale watches and sport watches, includes the Shanta for Ebel, the Marine for Breguet as well as the the Kirium for TAG Heuer. Other watches/watch line bearing the name of Jorg Hysek are as follows V-King, the V-King Tourbillon, the XX-Ray, the Rebel, Io, Duna, Kilada, Abyss, A negada. With such remarkable masterpieces, Jorg Hysek wins favor from lots of watch makes and heart of countless watch lovers. Even so, Jorg Hysek never feels satisfied before his achievement. He wants to be more prosperous inside the watch world. That's why he started his own watch manufacturer HD3 in 2006.

Hugo Boss watch is in reality represents a trinity of 3 talented artists, namely, Jorg Hysek, Valerie Ursenbacher and Fabrice Gonet- the later two have worked with Jorg Hysek for numerous many years. As well as the manufacturer itself focus on making extremely complicated yet contemporary watches in limited amount.

Together with among the independent makes that grow speedily, HD3 isn't doubt the leader with innovative designs and future-oriented style. All HD3 ever produced are breath-taking pieces of art.

Due for the wonderful advanced philosophy, HD3 nowadays has became popular in making itself a major name in watch business inside the past few many years. Together with their achievement is again recognized by the watch industry as well as the watch lovers as well. Furthermore, HD3s imagination also influences other makes when launching new timepieces.

Like other sought-after watches manufacturer, HD3 today face a major problem - their well-liked products are being copied by the replica watch suppliers in Asia. Not a few HD3 replica watches are now accessible inside the marketplace. It seems that replica business is able to bring the same sad fate to major watch makes while making major funds.

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