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Additional Credits:
King Kong Bundy


I got fired in my first day as a Masseuse today. Apparently "Finish off on my face" doesn't mean what I thought it did.


My ex found out i am dating someone who looks like her. What can I say...her twin isn't a cunt.


Febreeze just makes my bathroom smell like I took a shit in Hawaii.


What do you give the woman who has everything? My phone number.


That Jodi Arias chick is crazy. Even would have stayed away from her


Now ladies, If you really want men to look at your face and not your chest..... eat a banana


Ladies: if your boyfriend rocks a faux hawk, come over to my place tonight & I'll show you how sex is supposed to be


If you're flirting with a chick and she asks "Are you coming onto me?" whisper in her ear, "I never pull out."


Can someone explain why lesbians go for girls who look, dress, and act like men; plus use fake penises during sex?


Why do women wear flowered panties? To pay respect to all the faces that were buried down there.


I only look at my own .FIVE RT : How many inches is the average dick?


If we get up 500 followers he is going to get me an audition to play King Pin in the new Dare Devil movie. RT this

So for real people become a follower of @Moviegino