FEB. 2, 2012


Happy Thursday! Remember! Just one more month til Chinese Groundhog Day. 

The city of Hoboken, New Jersey has denied MTV access from filming a spin-off of their hit show “Jersey Shore” there.

Snooki is disappointed because she thought she was going to get to make out with the series’ newest character, Hobo Ken.


Rapper K’Naan has spoken out against U.S. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney using his song “Waving Flag”, also the theme for the 2010 World Cup, during a campaign speech.

Romney says that he liked the song because the World Cup employs a lot of people and then immediately fires them.


Actor Avery Brooks, who played Benajmin Sisko on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” has been arrested for driving under the influence in Conneticut.

Brooks was pulled over before he could cause any serious damage and was subjected to a field sobriety test, meaning the actor may still live long and breathalyzer.


A museum in Madrid has uncovered a long-lost painting identical to the Mona Lisa, which is believed to have been painted at the exact same time in the same space by a student of Leonardo da Vinci.

Meaning this is the first ever recorded case of “Sloppy Seconds”.


In a recent radio interview, Newt Gingrich was asked who should play him in a movie about his life, to which he responded none other than Brad Pitt.

Just a reminder that doing a radio interview doesn’t necessarily make people forget what you look like.


Newt, are you sure you were looking at the right half of that “Moneyball” poster?